Clemmie believes a woman’s right to choose is under attack and that this attempt by Republicans to limit women’s rights is an erosion of equal rights and personal freedom. In Congress, Clemmie will work to preserve access to birth control and preserve reproductive health and do this alongside democratic and moderate republican members. He will vote to codify Roe.


Clemmie believes quality and affordable healthcare is a right and not a privilege. For too long, too many at or below the poverty line had to choose between paying for healthcare and medicine and paying their bills. In Congress, Clemmie will eliminate barriers and ensure quality and affordable health insurance is available no matter a person’s income or zip code.

Climate Change

Clemmie understands that climate change is an existential global crisis. He believes that if we do not act, our national security, healthcare, and economy are all at risk. Clemmie supports bold action and would vote for unprecedented measures to reduce greenhouse gasses, end the use of fossil fuels, protect our air, rivers and lakes and invest in a green economy. Clemmie firmly believes the quickest way to transition to a clean energy economy is to support bold action and investment in alternative energy and greater fuel-efficient technologies, thereby creating jobs for hard pressed communities and becoming an exporter of technology to the rest of the world.

Gun Violence

Clemmie believes that Congress has failed us on this issue of gun violence. A former State Police officer and soldier, Clemmie understands why Congress should make gun control a top priority. He supports banning assault weapons except for their use by our Armed Forces. He also supports background checks on every handgun sale. In Congress, Clemmie plans to work with law enforcement at all levels to develop new ideas and new solutions to ensure that the most dangerous weapons don’t fall into the hands of our most dangerous individuals.  All citizens have a right to feel safe and be able to assemble in schools and communities without fear of mass shootings.


As a University Professor, Clemmie understands the importance of education. He believes it’s critical that our children get off to a great start in reading, math, science and writing. In Congress, Clemmie will support strengthening K-12 education and early childhood education. He also supports fully funding Head Start and Early Head Start and understands that its critical we assist parents who can’t afford preschool or early childcare so that all children, regardless of income, are placed on a path to succeed in our global economy. Clemmie believes that pursuing a college education should not end in hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. He supports expanding Pell grants and reasonable student loan forgiveness.


Clemmie Harris believes that we are a nation of immigrants and that the United State should continue to welcome people of various backgrounds and religions. He opposes the Trump Administrations previous policy of child separation. In Congress, Clemmie will demand action on Immigration and push for the creation of a new gang of six to propose real immigration reform that gets to the root of our immigration challenges and focuses on real solutions and not political bickering or conservative news-led scare tactics.  Our local economy thrives on immigrant labor, particularly our trade unions, local farms, and wineries. We need to modernize our visa program, so we have a steady labor force to grow our economy.

Economy and Jobs

Our economy works for the ultra-rich, but if you’re poor or in the middle class you are likely to struggle. We need a fair economy and real solutions to create good paying jobs for working families. In Congress, Clemmie will back raising the minimum wage, so Americans are incentivized to work and not stay on unemployment. Clemmie believes we need to spur our supply change and increase manufacturing in the US. Clemmie will renew the earned income tax credit and extend paid family leave. Only then will we have a truly middle-class economy.

Ending Hate.

Too many communities in our country are being victimized by large volumes of hate. Those who proudly consider themselves a part of the Black, Latino, AAPI, Jewish, Muslim, Immigrant and LGBTQ+ communities are often harassed, physically assaulted or bullied on social media. As Congressman, Clemmie Harris will ensure that our government strengthens diversity and inclusion laws and push for the Justice Department to expand their reach in prosecuting hate crimes.


Clemmie Harris believes that there is no greater service than serving our nation’s military. As such, veterans’ issues will be a top priority for Clemmie in Congress. Clemmie will advocate for a thorough audit of every VA hospital in NY to ensure that our Veterans are getting the care they need. Clemmie will also expand access to stronger mental health support services for veterans and their families. Clemmie Harris will make veteran suicide a critical component to his work with the VA. We need to give our veterans every possible opportunity for a safe transition from military life to life outside of their service to our country.


In many parts of Upstate NY, dairy and apple farms are the foundation of the local economy. Clemmie Harris will make sure that our family farmers have what they need to succeed. He will oppose BigAg monopolies and force our government to break them up as they are wiping out family farmers. Clemmie will demand innovation so that farmers are able to do more with less. Clemmie understands that immigration and the environment are massive issues as it relates to our agricultural community. Climate change hurts our farmers. And having an updated immigration policy and common-sense visa programs gives our farmers the labor they need to produce the food we all enjoy.